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STATE! STATE! STATE! Episode 54 of The Most Popular Girls in School!

Fan Friday with Bill Sindelar (Lunch Lady Belinda) is coming later today, but until then, here’s a link to Bill’s appearance on the first episode of Mark & Carlo’s podcast, F Your Show!

Time for Trisha Top 10!

Trisha’s Top 10 is coming in just a few minutes. Until then, go check her out on Instagram!

Thanks for your patience everybody. It’s finally time for Episode 53 featuring the arrival of SAISON’S BABY!

Trisha’s getting her own Top 10 and you can be in it!

Upload a video of you telling us your favorite Trisha moment and use the hashtag #TrishaTop10

We hired an intern and then spent an entire Fan Friday Video shitting on him! Enjoy!

EPISODE 52 is here!

Possums! Mistresses! And Mrs. Zales reinventing the English language.

Featuring Tyler Oakley, Michelle Visage, EpicLloyd, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart & Mamrie Hart!

It’s Trisha! The voice of Trisha, Garrett Mendez joins us to talk about art shows, South Park/MPGiS crossovers and a Trisha Battle in an all new Fan Friday Video!

Hey everybody! If you haven’t had a chance yet, please check out Mark & Carlo’s new podcast F Your Show! 

This week’s episode features Garret Mendez aka Trisha Cappelletti from MPGiS! They’re drafting their Fantasy 90’s Boy Band!

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